By Gabriel Gutierrez (NSK)

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Mayhem/Watain — “Sathanas — Luciferi” — Tour EP. This 7" was bought in one of the exclusive dates in which Watain performed their album “Casus Luciferi” in its entirety. Signed by all members of both bands.

Vaya que hoy ha llegado tarde, son casi las 9 menos 15, la cita era a las… un momento, ¿querido lector?, mmmm creo que nuestro usual lector no ha venido hoy, pero mando a su representante extranjero; claro que lo recuerdo de la semana pasada, ese momento incomodo en el que llega uno a casa ajena, y el anfitrión resulta que no le gustan las visitas sin anunciar (osea yo). Pero bueno, en vista de la ausencia de nuestro visitante habitual y debido a que hay que adaptarse a los cambios que trae la vida, pues… so now there often we are going to speak in English, honestly I don’t know –and don’t care- where are you from, but everyone knows that “English” is kind of the universal language, and if not, so sorry but I don’t speak any other language. Today we were supposed to talk about a well-known topic in these maieutical attempts to share some knowledge regarding the passion for vinyl, and the obsessive –near compulsive- need of collecting records; so going further in this Socratic method, I suppose that you, my dear alien reader shall be au fait with the music universe and so on.
So giving some space between here and there, we are going to let the classic topics as, “my/your/the/they/his/her Top 10 records of the last decade” and we will focus in the importance of being aware of the upcoming releases, their release date and if we are lucky about the pre- order announcements.
Nowadays the music industry has faced a kickback, which has been a surprise for everyone; the vinyl has officially tumbled the sales of the CD format and –I am not pretty sure- but also the streaming platforms. But nothing is so easy, the vinyl industry has developed a good marketing offensive, proving that quality, passion and addiction could play an interesting role against the digital age.
Between collectors, the vinyl collectors are the selected group, kind of elite group whom are ready to spend a big amount of money per month in records, more than CD collectors or other similar; but which is the special thing about the vinyl record?, well the audio quality is much better, the artwork is –obviously- bigger than the CD or Tape, so you can enjoy and admire each detail of the artwork; then most of the vinyl records have some extra goodies, that could be a poster, sticker, patch, code for the digital version and it is pretty common that each record is very limited; those aforementioned details are a plus that the CDs and Tapes don’t have. But now, let focus in the marketing strategy, most of the labels have learned that if they want to keep the buyers in need, they need to feed them, to seduce them, not only by uploading from time to time a couple of tracks of the upcoming album to YouTube or Spotify; but also by providing
some sensual traces of what would be the vinyl itself, the cover, the goodies, the variation between colors and of course the limitation.

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Morbid — “Ancient Morbidity”. This 12" was released along with the last ever issue of the Slayer zine. When it was released I wasn’t able to get it, because of ignorance and part for indecision, then after a couple of years I was able to get it, obviously paying much more.

Here appears one of the most important facts and what vinyl collectors always try to be aware to; how many variations will be, and how many copies of each one; commonly the colored variations are the most wanted ones, and of course they are the more limited; for these variations you shall be prepared to buy it, but as soon as the pre-order is open the copies will be sold out in a couple of minutes.

Then, the question is, which is the rush? what happen if I wait until the release date and buy it?, well my dear alien reader, if you do that, it is almost a fact that you will not be able to grab a copy of that variation in a decent price, and if you later –really- want to have that vinyl on that specific variation you will need to spend more than 3 or 4 times the original price on Ebay or other sites.
After many years in this addictive void of collecting and searching in stores and around the globe I’ve learned that pre-orders are a necessary evil, and sometimes you shall have a special save of money per month just to prevent any pre-order announcement. Then, this is not the only challenge for the vinyl collectors; also there is the issue of different time zones, for example if the pre-order is from a European label and you as I, live in America (and please, learn some geography, I refer to America the continent, the other is called United States of America) you will face a disadvantage, so you will need to put an alarm and be awake at the early morning just to be one of the lucky ones in get a copy. So between there and here my alien reader you have been guided to one of the most important steps into the collecting life, and maybe you will run and hide just to avoid this situation, but if you are a true collector, definitely you will read this lines again and give the proper importance to the

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Darkthrone — “Black Death and Beyond” — Box Set. This fantastic box set was released a couple of years ago, including 3 vinyl 12" along with a huge booklet, patch and a certificate of authenticity. Fortunately at the time of the pre-order I was able to buy it and I was one of the first 1000 that got the certificate signed by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.

“Now beyond the prominent sun, the call of crystal waves”; taken from the song “Undercurrent” from the album “After” by Ihsahn.

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