Far Far Away.

by Fercho Valdivia

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Another week and of course thousands of songs in my head. Maybe it is the weather. Right now, Mexico City is cloudy and rainy and for me, it is the perfect time for listening to music, reading books and of course watching movies.

Now I want to introduce to you the band that shocks my senses. I don’t know how to describe this band, but their sound is one of the most unique that I have listened to in my life; the sound is fresh, traditional and unique.

Mdou Moctar is a band formed in Nigeria. While I was shuffling KEXP on YouTube, I heard where they come from, it was like “damn what kind of influences these guys have”. And there was no mistake the music and the voice match perfectly. I don’t know what the hell they are singing but I like it. My next mission is to figure it out or if you like it, give the shot.

They have 6 releases which I won´t review completely, just 2 of them because I can’t find the correct words to describe their music. I will show you just the tip of the iceberg.

First of all, I love the cover which is quite unique. Eyes tell a lot of things about a person and this cover tell us “be ready”.

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The first chorus made me feel in a deep peaceful place, with the soft and gentle guitar sounds my soul just left my body and little by little I was flying, everything felt far way. Anar is a magical song. Sousoume Tamachek is the kind of song I would play around a campfire after having a nice and plentiful dinner, just sit relax and have some green tea with mint and put your mind blank and as the music continues and my tea is finishing Illmouloud makes a calm introduction. This song makes me feel as if the journey is almost over and my mind is trying to digest everything that is going on. Yes, I mean life, think about your life while listening to this is kind of a meditation and makes you feel self-proud of what you have achieved, focus on the great memories. “Sousoume Tamachek” is my favorite record, as I said the cover, sound and what it makes me feel is astounding

Strong, melodic and traditional is the best description for this album- Kamane Tarhanin is the way to start an album, so powerful and with that Arabic chorus and the twist guitar sound is a sweet perdition. Takamba is great, I did some research and it seems that Takamba is a music gender in Africa, so the song feels ancient and traditional but at the same time fresh and it´s a song to enjoy with the family while drinking a nice cocktail.

Here comes one hard choice, between Tarhataze and Wiwasharnine both songs are the top ones; super dizzy, strong and with this “dessert” rock sound. The guitars and voices make you feel in the middle of a huge dessert having the best day of your life, really it would blow your mind how rich is the music and how pure it sounds.

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“Ilana: The Creator” is brave. The album is pure magic and clear, you can feel how this album was made with pure heart everything fits perfectly, there is no forced composition or over production. It´s just flawless.

We get to the end and when you decide to listen to this, don’t forget to clear your head and be ready for some traditional and fresh sounds that will make you want to hear more and more.

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