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My Record Collection

Every step I do is a piece of history every thought in some moment turn into a memory and every action I take is part of a past. Mean while my feets are getting crazy trying to follow the rhythm of the city my mind inyect a high impulse to go faster more than everybody, Something tell me that I have to be the first there is no option without notice my feets are in max speed in that moment my mind just go blackout and I apper at home. I stop… I breath and go to the kitchen without doubt I grab a jar and pull me a cold beer I can feel how the beer slowly go down in the wall of the jar I smell every note. My body reach a level of calm and relax.

I walk into my studio and I grab one of my favorite records put my headphones and I let my self go with the music in that moment is when I realize…Life is like the music on the records, each one of them have their one revolution and if We try to put it on a different speed it will listen nasty and twist or maybe the speed would make it sound slow.Thats how life works if we look our past is slow and confusing, if we look to the future is fast and blur. Each one of us have our self revolutions we just must let everything flow and enjoy the music We have inside and grab our own rhythm.

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Bienvenidos Howllers a este espacio dedicado a compartir libros, películas y música.

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