The Missing Band

By Fercho Valdivia

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So LA brought me a lot of music and most of it come for my family and this time my Uncle put on my radar an 80´s band, they used to be very popular and performed great shows at that time, yes as the picture say Great White, they have stolen my ears during the past weeks.

They formed in Los Angeles, the members at that time was Jack Russel, Mark Kendall, Don Costa and Tony Richards, they played the first gig at the famous Troubadour.

The days past and an after several changes the final line up was Mark Kendall, Jack Russell, Gary Holland and Lorne Black; so, everything was ready to make some music. I will keep with this line for the propose of these lines.

I don’t want to talk about the hole story, but they achieved 2 things that for me are mind blowing, they tour with Whitesnake´s at Silde It In and they open for Judas Priest during the Defenders of the faith tour. For some reason Great white never get into my musical radar.

So, I will focus on the album debut self-title Great White, with 10 tracks is one of the best albums I listen for the 80´s.

“Out of the night” in the opening track is fast, powerful and full of angry, the guitars are so fast and the drums with that classical sound, the guitar solo is stunning and with the chorus OUT OF THE NIGHT!!! Its feels with every second how is getting faster. “Stick it” is the one that feels like a hero soundtrack love the riffs, lyrics and the drums sound so powerful, I love when the put emphasis on it. “Substitute” star with a great intro and voice listen angrier and louder and the famous chan chan chan on the guitars you know what I mean. “Bad boys” you just can get enough guitar solos these one has a little ballad part that make you realize the musical ability they have. “On your Knees” is also one of my favorites, just imagine walking down the street yelling DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN… pure heavy metal and soul.

We are going on the half of this masterpiece, if you start listen this album just stop reading and put all your attention in each song.

“Street Killer” catch you with the slow begging the drums warn you that something big is coming and for sure mayhem just land on your ears time to feel free, the sound is like hitting a hammer. And talking about hammers “No better than hell” is the way that drums should sound the voice continue conquering everything with an epic guitar sound like an epic adventure full of excitement. The end is near and “Hold on” cheat on us with this soft beginning but is also constant and power maybe is the most relaxing, just like taking air to continue the show. “Nightmares” just don’t like the intro everything else is perfect if you focus con hear the beauty of the bass and I like very bad. The end is here a without any announcement with a speed drum and guitar “Dead End” arrive into your ears this particular solo guitar is magic and hypnotic you feel the album coming to the end a hard goodbye for an awesome and brutal album.

My recommendation; listen to this while you are in a road trip or having some beers with your friends, if you listen this at your job the only thing you will want is to quit.

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