The Ugly Kings… The Spirt of Freedom

by The Howll

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The Ugly Kings photo by halo1469

As far I can remember The Ugly Kings appear into my radar just by luck, on my daily routine I play random music on youtube, that day I started with Reingwolf, minutes pass and I started making my breakfast, when I heard a new song that catch my attention, As music fans we always try to guess the song, is something about self reputation with yourself but of course it was something new , but in my mind said “no” guess the song, I failed. I check my computer and there it is The Ugly Kings “Wicked Witch of Wonder”, as the song continue playing, I have the sensation of ; take you headphones, backpack, a bottle of whisky, your leather jacket, and star a road trip.

You must go and check their music, everything is well done execute, we have nice riffs, powerful drums, and an alcoholic voice with the world rock between the lips.

The Ugly´s count with some singles, EP and 2 full albums let’s check the last ones.

Of Sins (2015)

The tracks you must hear “Devil heart” perfect to turn the rocking mood on, great sound and the bass sound amazing “Of sins” very catchy sound the one that male your hand claps and bang your head,Wicked Witch of Wonder”, this one just make want to sing out loud and make air guitar. “Nobody but Me” rocking, powerful, and great rhythm perfect for starting Friday night and get some beers, check them and by the way, the cover album is one of my favorites.

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Darkness Is My Home (2018)

So this one is killer, the open track “Promise land” is my top for the Ugly´s starting slow, and then showing of great rock that go direct to your heart the voice is excellent mix with the riffs also want me to sing out loud ending with a high note. “Killing Time” the begin is perfect awesome sound, down but powerful and someway mysterious imaging think about your past like remembering all the things you done in your life… this song will be your soundtrack. “Lazarus” is great it slows down a little bit, but still very rocking and melancholic. “Little Birdy Told Me” closing the night, with great sound with lows and highs rocking and the voice is really nice, as I said at the beginning grab your leather jacket and conquer the night.

The Ugly´s offer a great rock and roll with amazing blues notes but with their unique style Don’t waste your time, grab a bottle of whisky and go and enjoy The Ugly Kings, and let the spirit of freedom do his part.

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